Cognitive Cloud

Leverage the latest developments in large-scale data analytics, storage and acquisition


Our Vision

HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud will become foundational for businesses. It will enable them to focus on a small number of high-value decisions with a full context of pre-selected alternatives and their expected outcomes.

Applications for AI integration

Take advantage of the latest developments in AI


Location: USA

  • Funding Requests
  • Processing for VC clients

Find out how to improve companies vetting, fraud detection, email processing, and data check.

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Location: UK

  • Patient Post Treatment
  • Condition Tracking
  • Solution for Hospitals

Improve productivity of overstretched healthcare staff, monitor treatment effectiveness, reduce cost of labour.​

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Location: EU

  • Tracking Changes Inside Collective Labour Contracts​

Find out how to increase tax compliance and reduce risk in your organization.

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Location: EU

  • Personalizing Customer Experience

Finding and cultivating valuable customers is the key to building a profitable business.

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Location: EU

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty

Leading retailers know that customer experience and streamlined operations are key to their success.

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Our Technology

Make the best decisions by leveraging synthesized intelligence from all relevant information in the world


Companies struggle to make good decisions based on the best possible information. Organizations pile up petabytes of information internally. There is also a lot of relevant information available through public online sources. However, individual decision makers have a hard time collecting, analyzing and acting upon large volumes of disparate, unstructured information coming from so many different sources


HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud offers a cornerstone platform to make the best decision based on intelligent processing of large volumes of disparate unstructured data from internal and external sources. HCC also provides algorithm wrangling tools that allow users to explore data sets and define additional valuable analytics algorithms or configure machine-learning based simulations that can automatically detect valuable patterns and create new algorithms.

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