Cognitive Cloud

Аutomate large-scale processes and leveraging the latest developments in AI and Blockchain technologies

  • App Constructor
    • Visualize AI, Deep Learning
  • Algo Mixer
    • Optimize A/B testing, Experimentation, ML algorithms
    • Aggregate Analytics, Metrics, Segments, Aggregates, Features, Training data
    • Transform Cleaning, Anomaly detection, Preparation
  • Flow Commander
    • Move Reliable data flow, Infrastructure, Pipelines, ETL, Structured and unstreuctured data storage
  • Data Shovel
    • Collect Instrumentation, Logging, Sensors, External data, User generated content

Applications for AI integration

Take advantage of the latest developments in AI


Location: USA

  • Funding Requests
  • Processing for VC clients

Find out how to improve companies vetting, fraud detection, email processing, and data check.

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Location: UK

  • Patient Post Treatment
  • Condition Tracking
  • Solution for Hospitals

Improve productivity of overstretched healthcare staff, monitor treatment effectiveness, reduce cost of labour.​

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Location: EU

  • Tracking Changes Inside Collective Labour Contracts​

Find out how to increase tax compliance and reduce risk in your organization.

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Location: EU

  • Personalizing Customer Experience

Finding and cultivating valuable customers is the key to building a profitable business.

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Location: EU

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty

Leading retailers know that customer experience and streamlined operations are key to their success.

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