Time efficient and time consuming are basically the good and evil of the Digital Age. In a constant battle to get the job done – we introduce ALGOMixer, our algorithm development, training and execution platform.

ALGOMixer is in essence a tools library containing all the nuts and bolts needed to create a Cognitive Processing and Decision Optimization environment in the Digital Age.

Having developed ALGOMixer from pure need – it has been optimized to solve several specific problems that we struggled with. This user-friendly platform will first of all help you discover different relations between scattered bits of data – making an algorithm creation process much shorter. The main reason behind ALGOMixer is the need of a unified space where you can find ready-made algorithms and models which you can directly apply in your work. This saves a ton of time as the product allows you to observe how the newly introduced algorithms execute. ALGOMixer’s database is quite large as it includes both AI and Deterministic algorithms, making it very flexible and productive to work with. You can automate and test pretty much any advanced analytical task in order to be sure it works.

Key Capabilities

  • Crawl and scrape web pages
  • Download and process documents
  • Monitor mailboxes
  • Extract data from images - OCR and object detection
  • Connect to both SQL and No SQL databases
  • Capture data from social media - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Integrate with external services like Crunchbase, PubMed and more.

Key Benefits

  • Multisource data access and combination - e-mail, web, social networks, documents, etc.
  • Automation of virtually anything.
  • Data delivery in a variety of preferred formats.
  • Data search and extraction in the most human-like way possible


  • HyperLearn Use our tested pre-built AI algorithms to facilitate your data analysis. Documentation  
  • TeX Uncover hidden insights and relationships in your unstructured data with the help of our easy-to-use AI platform Documentation  

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