Flexibility and control are the backbone of any well managed business. In the Digital Age where innovations coming from a variety of sources have to be implemented in a timely manner – a tool with which you can manage these innovations is pretty much indispensable.

App Constructor is essentially the tool you will be using to integrate different systems at the core of your business. You can monitor each step – from design to testing in a fulfilling customization-friendly environment. One of the principles behind the tool is its flexibility. It can debug source code, it supports popular languages and tools and it will grow with the demands of your business – providing the grounds and means with which you can build and most importantly – develop.

Key Capabilities

  • Crawl and scrape web pages
  • Download and process documents
  • Monitor mailboxes
  • Extract data from images - OCR and object detection
  • Connect to both SQL and No SQL databases
  • Capture data from social media - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Integrate with external services like Crunchbase, PubMed and more.

Key Benefits

  • Multisource data access and combination - e-mail, web, social networks, documents, etc.
  • Automation of virtually anything.
  • Data delivery in a variety of preferred formats.
  • Data search and extraction in the most human-like way possible


  • HyperStore Business intelligence UI - charting, reporting Documentation  
  • HyperDispatch The orchestration layer that connects all HyperCloud services and external components, provides a visual process modeling solution for pipelines. Documentation  

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