In a world where information bombards us from all around – rarely we have time to go through, understand or store every bit in a concise and tidy way. After all – the sight of a well managed bookshelf brings a joy incomparable to any other.

That’s why we introduced Data Shovel – a completely autonomous product which can save time and extract information in an efficient and easy way much like a human would.

Data Shovel is built with the idea to mimic human interaction without any assistance. Once it has been set up, it doesn’t need anyone to look after it. You can just monitor how data from various sources gets scooped up and delivered wherever you want – to Google Drive, Dropbox or even through SFTP. Data Shovel allows automation of various searches. If you need data on something from the whole known internet – no problem. You can extract all necessary information in whatever format which fits your business and workflow – CSV, XML and more.

Key Capabilities

  • Crawl and scrape web pages
  • Download and process documents
  • Monitor mailboxes
  • Extract data from images - OCR and object detection
  • Connect to both SQL and No SQL databases
  • Capture data from social media - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Integrate with external services like Crunchbase, PubMed and more.

Key Benefits

  • Multisource data access and combination - e-mail, web, social networks, documents, etc.
  • Automation of virtually anything.
  • Data delivery in a variety of preferred formats.
  • Data search and extraction in the most human-like way possible


  • HyperMail Extract, store and analyze data from emails. Create multiple automations of your choice Documentation  
  • HyperCrawl Allows data acquisition from the web. It could be scraping, downloading files or REST APIs Documentation  
  • HyperSocial Seamlessly integrate comprehensive social media data analytics. Extract, collect and analyze it all in one place Documentation  
  • HyperFile Provides user upload and download of files Documentation  
  • HyperStore Business intelligence UI - charting, reporting Documentation  
  • HyperIntegration provides API integration with third party services Documentation  

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