It is commong knowledge that information is probably the most valuable resource, but what stands in the shadows is the fact that deciphering it, analysing it and as a whole understanding it is just as important.

You can imagine Flow Commander as a navigator who likes to guide using cool visualized models, expose mistakes and suggest ways of effectively managing the influx of information. A tool that wants you to control incoming data and then use it.

Flow Commander is built around the idea that streaming and batch data need to be delivered so that they can easily be deconstructed and analyzed – in its core principle lies the idea that one bit of info can be used to suggest or fix numerous problems. Incoming information is always time-sensitive (because if it is outdated – well, it is useless)

Flow commander provides an easy-to-use visual modeller which shows data in real time so you can adjust to it as it is flowing. In a nutshell, you control the gateway, and you control the path of the information. Regardless of the congestion you’re experiencing – high workloads are not a problem for Flow Commander. The virtually unlimited capacity will help you and your teams focus on programming rather than managing clogged up servers. As for compatibility – it is like a lego block – it can work with basically any kind of app and produce data in just about every format available.

Key Capabilities

  • Crawl and scrape web pages
  • Download and process documents
  • Monitor mailboxes
  • Extract data from images - OCR and object detection
  • Connect to both SQL and No SQL databases
  • Capture data from social media - Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Integrate with external services like Crunchbase, PubMed and more.

Key Benefits

  • Multisource data access and combination - e-mail, web, social networks, documents, etc.
  • Automation of virtually anything.
  • Data delivery in a variety of preferred formats.
  • Data search and extraction in the most human-like way possible


  • HyperDispatch The orchestration layer that connects all HyperCloud services and external components, provides a visual process modeling solution for pipelines. Documentation  

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