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How media monitoring can boost your business?

September 10, 2019

Media monitoring helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends without using too much of your resources. Most corporate departments and a range of company managers can benefit from media monitoring and measurement of the public opinion in the news stream. With such an analytics service, you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone of the discussion is. Speed is of the essence especially in social media where discussions – both positive and negative – arise quickly. The monitoring tool will help you as soon as your brand is mentioned in journalistic or social media. Rejoice positive comments, respond to questions and concerns and react to customer churn. A prompt response to any feedback shows customers that you care about their experience and turn possible negative perceptions around.

Media monitoring is a simple way to find out about the latest trends in your industry and predict possible spikes in demand for your products and services. You can also discover who your competitors are. Analyzing their actions you can avoid repeating the mistakes your competitors are doing, but also develop the areas in which your competitors do better.

The media monitoring tool is highly necessary for your PR department or agency. With such a tool they can improve the effectiveness of your communications and closely follow how much media attention your actions receive. No organization is immune from risk but whereas understanding and mitigating potential risk is usually the responsibility of the PR department and with the right media monitoring tool you can centralize the workload.

We have to deal with the “Fake News” problem and monitoring the news network is a good initiative for that. Companies are realizing that fake news will persist, potentially forever. To analyze the media stream will be even high prioritized with all the misinformation in the social network. Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook have failed to stop Fake News websites from spreading misinformation. Celebrities, politicians and large and small businesses have been victimized by reports that are completely and intentionally made up. More brands are taking and will take the threat of misinformation seriously. PR teams will take a leading role in combatting fake news, add fake news responses to their crisis communications plans and monitor misinformation websites for mentions of their companies, products, and top executives or clients.

Doing all of this with the proper tool is going to shrink your costs for executives who you have to hire and also you will save time because everything is going to be in one place. The cost of PR measurement tools also varies widely. Some web analytics tools are free, some premium media monitoring and analytics tools can run into five and six figures. That’s why the customizable tools that will fit with all your needs and you will pay for the features you needed the most are the best choice for the cost-saving media monitoring solution. 

There is a lot more that a business can leverage from using a monitoring tool in the daily task. You can find out a lot more in our whitepaper for free.