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How to manage a big amount of text data in a short time?

May 21, 2019

Imagine coming to work on Monday, starting your computer, opening your inbox and seeing hundreds of new e-mails waiting on being read and resolved. Which one is worth sending a reply and which one is not? It doesn’t sound like a pleasant situation, right?

When it comes to big amount of text data, a lot of companies are searching for the best solution to manage it. 29% out of 2,040 UK employees said that they spend at least half a day per week on e-mails. It’s not very productive to lose all your time in organizing text data, in order to finally start working with it. Is there a solution to the problem that not taking hundreds of working hours? Sure, let me introduce you to some new solutions available on the market.


Amazon Textract identifies data types and forms labels automatically. This way it is super easy to maintain compliance with information controls. If you are an insurer, you could use Amazon Textract to feed a workflow that automatically redacts personally identifiable information for your review before archiving claim forms by automatically recognizing the important key-value pairs that require protection. This means you can instantly use the extracted data in an application, or store it in a database. And the whole process is possible without a lot of complicated code in between.

Venture Capital

This particular type of funds has developed a system to evaluate startups. They end up with a score showing whether the startup is feasible for funding. VCs usually receive tons of e-mails and calls. They need to automate the process of filtering these channels and highlighting potentially successful companies. Here HyperCloud comes to play.

We have been provided with a list of parameters used in VC’s startup evaluation system. It includes revenue, market size, customer count and growth, etc. Thanks to the rule system that extracted each parameter we manage this problem fast and effective. The final results from the process show us only those pretenders that fit in our rules.


No matter what your industry is, you need insides for your customers and audience. The perfect way to get that information is with the help of surveys.

The problem is that after the survey the text data is overwhelming. One good example of helping software for this is IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys. It uses powerful natural language processing technologies specifically designed for survey text. This product leads the way in unlocking open-ended responses for better insight and statistical analysis. Survey analysts can automate the categorization process, providing greater value to business users and survey research clients without the drudgery, time and expense associated with manual coding. IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys automates the process while still allowing you to intervene manually to refine your results.

Medical Diaries

One more example of the power of HyperCloud is the project that we successfully completed in the healthcare industry. The aim was to find clues for a potential disorder based on a diary. The patient filled the log daily explaining how she feels. This is a simple spreadsheet /.csv file/ containing a date on every line (first column) and a brief description of the patients feeling (second column). We applied sentiment and frequency analysis to identify conditions like sleeping disorder, depression, etc. Thanks to HyperCloud psychiatrists can find disease trends faster and take the right actions to prevent them or to control their proceeding.

It’s easier if you corroborate your efforts with the help of the right software for maintaining a big amount of text data. One of the main things for a successful working process is smart data management. If data management approach is good this will allows not only big data to be backed up far more effectively but also makes it more easily recoverable and accessible.

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