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HyperAspect in a nutshell

March 2, 2020


We are HyperAspect – an innovative software company offering cutting-edge technological solutions and consultancy services to clients across the globe.

Blending extensive technical expertise with creative approaches, we support companies to reach their business potential through bespoke technologies looking to the future.

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with offices in Berlin and Washington, our team of experts brings digital transformation to your doorstep.

Going deep in technology, we see challenges as opportunities to innovate. Quality, curiosity, and positivity are what we value most. They are the fuel that makes your project succeed.

Although we are young as a company, we are experienced as a group of professionals. Relying solely on our own efforts, we choose the freedom to make the decisions for the company’s future independently.


Digital transformation is what puts businesses ahead of their competitors. Using AI-assisted data analysis and machine learning-driven solutions, we help move your business ideas forward. We are not, here just to offer technologies, but to create them.

Our platform for low-code development AI guarantees rapid time-to-market processes, creating real business value for clients. HyperAspect Cloud brings products for each level of the data science hierarchy of needs – from collecting data to AI and deep learning – under one umbrella.


The list of our partners includes leading enterprises on four continents in a wide range of industries, including finance, insurance, and healthcare.

We have long-lasting relationships with our partners, many of whom were with us from day one – proof that our personalized approach combined with our extensive expertise is a winning formula.

Before we act, we listen. Developing a close relationship with our clients is the secret of a successful partnership.


Technology is at the core of what we do, but even the most cutting-edge technology needs a team of people behind it to reach its potential.

Created by a group of friends and proven tech experts we at HyperAspect cherish friendship and collaboration. Growing from 3 to 50 employees in just two years, our team is our most valuable asset. Our employees’ curiosity and ambition are what makes HyperAspect different.

Being able to learn and grow, while supporting and recognizing each individual contribution is the glue that sticks us together. Nurturing a supportive work environment allows our team to flourish, which helps them provide the best service possible to our clients.

We pride ourselves on allowing our team to choose their personal workspace – whether that be an office or a mountain hut – allowing them to find their best way to express themselves creatively and deliver quality work. We believe that a healthy work-life balance for our employees is creativity’s best friend, bringing motivation and fulfillment.

We are a deep tech product company with a team that contributes to the most up-to-date technological advancements, creating revolutionary solutions and redefining industries.

Giving our employees the opportunity to be among fellow innovators – not only to see the change but also to play a key role in creating it – is the hyper aspect of the work we love.

We use tomorrow’s solutions to change the business of today. 

We are HyperAspect.