A refreshing insight into social, political and business events around the globe

HyperNews is our most visually advanced product, that utilizes the strengths and capabilities of the entire HACloud suite.

Navigating the vast sea of information generated by media outlets today can prove to be a major logistical challenge, especially when having the dangers of misinformation, propaganda and fake news in mind.

Our custom “Actor Graph” is just one of the tools that help give an insight into the world of news, providing a visual representation of the relations between events, locations, people and other entities.

Additionally, the HyperNews platform offers a robust, user-friendly interface for the visualization of various AI-based aggregation, analysis and presentation functionalities, including:

  • Article Summarization
  • Geographical Analysis & Event Positioning
  • Publication Rate Statistics
  • Similarity, Stance & Sentiment Analysis
  • AI-based Press Clipping

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