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What can we do against misinformation?

August 22, 2019

Manipulating the news is not a 21st century’s invention. Nowadays fake news makes a marked percentage of all news online and they disseminate faster than true stories. In the technological world where everything goes and happens online, you can fight tech only by tech. Facebook has estimated that there is an army of 60 million bots on their platform. The same applies to other social platforms. So, you need to implement a viable IT solution with the right algorithms behind it if you really want to deal with false info on your network. Machine learning algorithms and AI are potent tools when it comes to detection of false news.

One of the most fundamental questions one can ask about fighting against misinformation is how can we protect ourselves and our company? The damage that fake news can do to our business is more than serious. Every fact-based decision that we take is from great importance for our future and if those facts are not solid or not the truth, we can easily miss an opportunity or even make a crucial mistake. In these uncertain times, the ability to sort out what is relevant to your business among the flood of information is of high importance.

What if, in just a few clicks, you could discover the latest news as they break, so you could leverage the information key emerging risks and opportunities to follow market moves and prioritize investment? 

There are different ways to protect yourself from misinformation. Researching every news that you find for suspicious what? is the easiest one but as we all know it takes a lot of time. That is why we developed HyperNews – a platform that uses AI technology to unlock insights from unstructured data in official news streams. By doing so this text analytics tool generates unique insights into how and where events are developing and who are the key figures (individuals, organizations) that are part of them. It also helps people and organizations understand how specific topics are viewed across the globe. It saves time, improves the effectiveness of work, helps to target new customers and in the end it helps maintain excellence in the business strategy. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, HyperNews will help to be one step before the competition. Financial services, news agencies, market research, marketing and advertising, retail, insurance, political risk – it can crawl everything one company need from the web with a trustworthy and flexible partner as HyperNews. You can always compare the content that is released in the world wide web for a topic and to check which one is the real face of the truth. Whit tools like HyperNews your company can make adequate media analysis and take informed decisions that will help you to scale your business. 

Behind HyperNews there are advanced algorithms that analyze plaintext data using machine learning, semantic technology, and natural language processing. It’s a tool that provides you with the capacity to extract everything from “who” (entities) to “how” (sentiment) to “what” (themes). With a strong analysis tool on your side, you can drill-down into the details of your data and gain visibility into the trends and emerging issues. Its flexibility makes it susceptible to tailoring to specific business needs.

HyperNews diagram from sentiment analysis

For a serious advantage when making decisions and when building a data-driven business strategy it’s important to possess a credible source of information you can rely on. HyperNews is a unique solution that can be tailored to your unique needs. Text mining, text analytics, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, etc. It will save time, improve the effectiveness of work, help target new customers and in the end help maintain excellence in the business strategy. 

If you want to find out more about HyperNews and how to use it against misinformation and fake news, write to us here.