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Why Do We Need A.I. in Manufacturing Industry

February 18, 2019

By Andrey Glavchev

Nowadays Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is no longer a science fiction but one of the main driving forces in almost any industry. Own an iPhone? It’s face recognition system is powered by A.I. Use Google Maps or Waze to get through traffic jams? They also apply artificial intelligence for better functionality. These are just several examples but, in reality, A.I. contributed almost $2 trillion to global GDP last year.

Why artificial intelligence is a key to future growth in manufacturing? According to Forbes Insights survey, more than 50% of industry professionals consider A.I.  “absolutely critical to success” based on recent trends.

These are just several benefits of A.I. technology solutions in manufacturing industry:

  • enhanced operational efficiency  
  • reduced time to market the products
  • fast analysis of  the customer demand
  • reduced production cost
  • increased efficiency
  • real time assessment of the manufacturing process

It explains why manufacturing companies try to implement machine learning and deep learning into their daily operations. Machine learning also can affect manufacturing by automatically detecting decline in performance, can reduce unplanned downtime, and improve product quality. Another great benefit of A.I is elimination of human error in complex production processes.

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